Shoppes - Money Tips and Tricks

Shoppes Tips:
- For buying cheese, you can get a low price by buying it in the Town of Gnawnia, use the 'Larry's Travel' button to get you to the Meadows and buy about 100, 150, or 200 cheese at once, saves time and money
- Buy stuffs at large quantities, it will really save time, and money (lots of it), for Salt and Curds and Whey, buy 1000 at once!
- Orbs, these orbs have lots of use, and have lots of benefits for your financial side. These orbs are divided into 3 groups, The Simpe orb, The Flawless Orb, and The Divine Orb. These orbs have lots of use like to make charms (use charmbits and a few materials, see charm materials and how to craft charms in the wiki (

General Tips:
- For levels that you still can't hunt in the Catacombs, you can hunt in the Lagoon using Gnarled Cheese, and also sell the orbs you get from there, it will be really useful...
- For gathering gold, you could really use lots of Radioactive Blue Cheese, the ACRONYM, and a Dehydration Base (or something with more luck), and hunt in the Catacombs (even though the mice are about 3,000 - 5,000, you catch it more often and therefore gives you more gold than other areas that give you like more than 10,000 gold but only a few times and get pillaged a lot)
- More tips to come

Gold Farming Tips:
- For static gold income, go to Derr Dunes and use ERB, Tiki Base, and Gouda cheese when you catch the non top-3 mouse, when you use MSB, the non-top 3 will pillage you, the gold income will be like 100,000 gold per day with the non-top 3.
- For dinamic gold income, go to Furoma and use a Tactical trap, the best is the Rewers Riposte, the other Tactical recommended are HVMT and ZFM, the gold income will be HUGE if you catch lots of Master of the Dojo mouse, you could get 300,000 gold with 2 days. For fast cycles, you don't have to catch all the students over and over again, but you can just craft Unstable Curds to get the cheese.