Furoma Training!

Furoma (Dojo-Meditation Room-Pinnacle Chamber)
Trap Setup: Mutated Venus Mouse Trap/Ambush Trap, Dehydration Base/Explosive Baes
Bait Pref: Brie/Maki (not preffered) Cheese
Level: Master
Main Objective: Get the Ambush Trap and 1 extra Onyx Stone, and collect 949,050 gold
This area's main objective is to collect as many tokens from the three students as possible. If you are already at Grandmaster level/higher then you can travel to all the levels of the Pagoda, but the main thing is to collect tokens. If you want to finish everything fast and move on, you can just collect about 3 or more tokens each and craft the cheese, craft list click here. Go ahead to the Meditation Room and arm your strongest trap and equip Glutter, Combat, and Sushesee Cheese to catch the masters and get the shards. You can craft the master's seal into one big seal or you can use it in crafting separately to get 3 Rumble Cheese (if you want to move fast, use 3 shards, not 1 seal).

After defeating the masters, DON'T GO yet to the Pinnacle Chamber. If you only have the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, I recommend you go to the Pinnacle Chamber and arm Brie Cheese to get Hapless Mouse that carries the Ambush Trap Blueprints, craft it then arm your Rumble Cheese. You need to craft the trap because the Venus Mouse Trap is just not enough anymore for the master. After catching the master, you will get an Onyx Stone, this is a trap part for another time. You're done in Furoma for now, if you are still looking for gold for the Onyx Stone trap (the ACRONYM), you can catch more Master of the Dojo to get more gold, of another way as you prefer. And also don't forget to repair your Shredded Mousoleum Map Piece in the Bazaar to move on. (If you're still in Grandmaster level, you can circle around Furoma to get more points and gold, see more in the Furoma Circle Tactic page).

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